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Nick & Peppa

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Meet Nick & Peppa.

I decided that whilst I'm able I should do what I could to raise awareness of this terrible disease, Parkinson's Disease. I run the business primarily to benefit Parkinson's sufferers and increase awareness by financially supporting several Parkinson's charities and groups.


We also support one tree planted and promise to plant 10 trees for every Pergola sold - sustainable , environmentally friendly and eco conscious.


Please Note: we are not collecting money for any charities or organisations. Please don't send us money for donations as we cannot accept them. We gift our time and company profits wholly by our choice as to when and where.

Owner / Director

Nick Walker

I have early-onset Parkinson's disease and am a 57-year-old Scottish businessman. I suffer with it every day. I primarily run my business to make money so that I can donate to Parkinson charity, primarily Parkinson's UK, and help others with Parkinson's.



Peppa is my shadow and constant companion Peppa - the love and faithfulness of a great dog is limitless. She is a constant to me - and never criticises my decisions - we are a team.


Image by Jonathan Borba

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