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Personal Information

When a user visits our site, we automatically collect attributes such as geo-location, time-zone etc. We use Google Analytics to capture general browsing behaviour and use this data to enhance our users experience. If a user makes a purchase or inputs and personal details into the site, we store them in the Admin area of the website in which we can only access them. No Billing details are stored here


If a user submits their personal details such as an email address or mobile phone number, Pergola will endeavour to communicate with this customer. The content will include order updates, product releases, discounts and feedback. If a user wants to opt out of this communication that is completely fine. Whichever medium we communicate through will include an opt-out link

Contact Us

If you have any data related questions then please feel free to contact us

Our email is and our registered address is 6 Shaftesbury Road, Stockport, SK3 0SG

Privacy Policy

Contact us 7 days a week for advice on everything.

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