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Is there a greater staple of British summer than the humble gazebo? It is the perfect way to escape from the sun if it is getting too much for us, as well as a haven when the summer showers inevitably hit us (come on, it’s Britain.

Of course, it is going to rain on barbecue day!) They’re pretty much ready for most weather that the summer can through at you, barring a windy storm coming over the horizon. And who’s silly enough to do that?

However, many people, when they are putting up their gazebos, feel like their prized summer sun shield just doesn’t look…. Bright enough, you know? Most gazebos kind of look the same or similar to each other.

More often than not, many of them feel cut from the same cloth (or sheet of metal/glass, if that’s the material you are working with). Most of them look quite similar to each other, with four legs and a point at the top.

Which makes sense. The water that hits your gazebo needs to run off the side, not collect and fall through!

But it leaves many of them looking identical to one another. There’s just no way for you to tell your next-door neighbours.

Well, that’s what we’re here to talk about in this article! We’re going to be discussing just some of the ways that you can decorate your gazebo to make it stand out from anyone else on your street, for a whole range of different gazebos.

They’ll help your little summer shelter stand out!

How To Decorate A Gazebo

Adding String/Fairy Lights

For our first suggestion, we recommend using string lights to decorate both the legs and canopy of your gazebos.

Not only is this a great way to add a little new life to your gazebo, but they can be very helpful as well. Many barbecues and meet-ups have gone on from the afternoon into the evening, and even into summer nighttimes.

These little lights will help give that little extra illumination for you, your family, and your guests, to keep moving around without a worry. All while looking great and adorable at the same time!

Not only that, but because these lights can come in virtually any colour, you’re free to choose what light you want to glow under your canopy.

An ordinary bright light, a warmer yellow, a cool blue, or even a moody red. Pretty much all of these options are on the table for you!

The only thing you will need to consider when considering putting up fairy lights is how they are being powered. There are both battery-powered and plug-in light options.

Plug-in will somewhat restrict where the gazebo can be about where the lights are, but you won’t have to worry about your lights running out of power.

Battery-powered lights can be easily moved with your gazebo, but may only have a few hours' worths of power in them.

Hanging Planters Or Baskets

One of the things that can add a flourish to your gazebo is by hanging up a few planters that are filled with flowers.

Having flowers that are bright colours can complement a gazebo’s appearance, especially if it is relatively featureless beforehand. Plus, they add a certain rustic charm to your gazebo.

If you are looking for a more classic aesthetic to your gazebo, and want to avoid adding too many modern features to it, then flowers in hangers or baskets will help add a little more decoration without becoming too overwhelming.

If you aren’t exactly a big fan of woven flower baskets, then hangers are a great alternative, as they can be made out of almost any material.

Plastic, wood, even metal. All of these can add different sensory experiences to your gardens, so make sure that you consider your options carefully.

Something to keep in mind when looking for hanging baskets or hangers is to remember that you will need to maintain the flowers or plants that you choose to hang up, which can be a little difficult for some to add into their garden care routine.

Still, it is an addition that everyone will be able to appreciate when they are out in your garden!

Adding Vines

If you have a gazebo that is a permanent fixture in your garden, there are plenty of opportunities that you have for permanent fixtures to it.

For example, if you love the idea of hanging flowers or plants under your gazebo, but want to take it to its logical extreme, then you can try and cultivate vines to grow over and around your gazebo’s canopy and legs!

This is the perfect way to both flex your gardening chops, as well as to show off to any guests that come around. The colourful vines and flowers that decorate them will make a beautiful addition to any gazebo they are under.

The only thing you’ll need to consider is how much time are you prepared to put aside to care for them. If you are worried that the answer is ‘not enough’ then you can simply use dried vine stems instead to get a similar result!


The perfect compromise between rustic charm and modern utility. If you love being under your gazebo after dark, then you should consider using lanterns.

Not only do they add some much-needed light to an otherwise dim gazebo, but the twinkle of their lights sets the mood for a relaxing evening under them.

The only thing that you may need to take into account is that the candles you light them with can burn pretty quickly and fill up with dirt.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are plenty of ways for you to add a new lease of life to your garden gazebos!


How To Decorate A Gazebo

8 Jul 2022
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