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If you are considering buying a Pergola for your outdoor space there are many factors that should be considered. A Pergola will be a significant feature within your landscape, therefore, careful consideration is always essential. Factors such as quality, style, durability and cost need to be considered whether you're buying your own Pergola or buying a Pergola kit.

So, Is it better to buy a Pergola or buy a kit? Well, usually it is more cost-effective to construct your own DIY Pergola, but unless you're Bob the builder and a quantity surveyor rolled into one, this is going to be a struggle.

The cost usually depends on which Pergola you go for, if you buy a Pergola from a manufacturer or a company, it will usually come disassembled and the company may send an employee to put it up for you. This obviously saves the hassle, but it can cost a lot more.

If you opt for a kit, you will be provided with the parts and instructions but the building is entirely up to you (or your semi-carpenter like family friend). This option can be a lot cheaper, however, buying a Pergola can be more beneficial. Read further for the pros and cons of both options.

A mother and son sitting under a Pergola in a garden, enjoying the outdoors.

Buying a Pergola

Buying a regular Pergola over buying a Pergola kit can be beneficial for a number of reasons. If you are no good at DIY, this is probably the better option for you. You can also avoid other problems by buying a Pergola without the 'do it yourself' part!

What types of Pergolas are the most popular to buy?

Cedar wood Pergolas are extremely popular due to their traditional beauty, style and cheap cost, however, aluminium Pergolas are popular due to their clean and fresh vibe as well as being considerably durable. People buy Pergolas for many different reasons, popularity is typically based on strength, appearance and cost.

Why buying Pergolas is the better option


- Firstly, if you are not trained or knowledgeable about the products, then buying a Pergola and hiring somebody to build it will always be the better option.

-Second, you can avoid having any problems with your Pergola, as the company will be responsible for the outcome.

-Third, measurements can be pre-tested, to ensure your Pergola fits into your landscaping space nicely!


- Buying a Pergola and hiring a professional to build it, if the company you bought it from does not provide one may cost a lot more than buying a Pergola kit.

Price range of buying a Pergola

Pergolas can differ based on style, size and material. Wood options tend to be cheaper than aluminium, however, it depends on the size and prestigiousness of your chosen Pergola. A Pergola can start at as little as £300 and climb up to £5000+ based on the quality and size of the Pergola.

Build your own Pergola kit

Now we have established why buying a Pergola may be beneficial, we can assess Pergola kits!

When it comes to building your own Pergola, some factors should be considered first to ensure that everything runs smoothly! Firstly, picking your Pergola...

Styles of Pergolas kits

There are endless styles and varieties when it comes to Pergolas. The style of your Pergola is determined by the material. Some common materials used for Pergolas are wood, aluminium and vinyl.

Wooden Pergola kits

Wooden Pergolas provide privacy, shade, and protection from the elements. They also add beauty and style to any outdoor space. Wood Pergola kits are one of the most cost-effective options available, and they can add a rustic or casual appeal to your landscape.

Aluminium Pergola kits

Aluminium Pergolas are durable, easy to install and require next to no maintenance. Aluminium Pergolas are stable and sturdy and offer a clean elegance. They are also powder coated, meaning the paint will last forever. Aluminium Pergolas are aesthetically pleasing and of great quality.

Vinyl Pergola kits

Vinyl Pergolas tend to be less sturdy than wood or Aluminium Pergolas, however, vinyl Pergolas tend to require minimal maintenance. They also tend to give a more formal look than other options.

An aluminium Pergola in a sunset garden, surrounded by trees and wild life.

Which Pergola kit is best for you?

Based on the above information, you need to decide what exactly you are looking for with your Pergola. If you're looking for a more traditional and beautiful edge to your garden with a cheaper price tag, then a wooden Pergola is your winner, however, be prepared to look after it!

If you're looking for something more modern and contemporary that will last with minimal effort, then aluminium or a vinyl choice could be your winner.

What can you do with your Pergola kit?

Debating whether to buy a Pergola or a Pergola kit is only the least of your worries, you also have to decide what to do with your Pergola, the list is endless! Here are a few of our favourite ideas:

Lounging Area

Purchase a huge sofa or some sun loungers and use your Pergola to cover your seating area, providing your garden with the ultimate lounge spot. Invite friends over for wine at night or look forward to that fresh espresso as the sun rises in the morning.

A Place To Grill Some Grub

A pergola can be great for covering any barbecues or cooking appliances that you may have or plan to have outside. Pergolas can shade the equipment and also provide shade for the chef as well as letting in that light breeze.

Outdoor Cinema

Summertime is the perfect time to relax outdoors with your nearest and dearest, and what could be better than watching a movie under the stars? With just a few simple steps, you can create your very own outdoor cinema using your Pergola!

Pros and cons for buying a Pergola kit

Now that you have looked at styles, which type could be best for you and what you are going to do with it. It is time to review the pros and cons of building your own Pergola with a Pergola kit.


- Firstly, It can save money since you don't need to hire a contractor to build one for you.

-Second, it takes less time since you only need to assemble the parts together.

-Third, it gives you a higher quality product since you won't be able to cut corners when assembling the kits.

-Fourth, you'll save money since you won't need to spend extra money on materials such as wood.

-Finally, you can customise your kit according to your needs, making it bespoke for your landscape.


- Firstly, if you are not trained or knowledgeable about the products that have been sent by a supplier, you may struggle to build your Pergola.

-Second, the wrong design may not be what you want and you could have trouble with returns once opened.

-Third, without testing measurements, size could cause structural damage to your landscaping project.

Price range of buying a Pergola kit

The average price for a Pergola kit tends to be between £500 and £1500, however, costs can go up depending on the type of your Pergola kit. In comparison to buying a regular Pergola, it tends to be more cost-effective.

So, which is better? buying a Pergola or buying a Pergola kit?

Overall, when looking at the pros and cons of both buying a pergola kit and having a contractor build one for you, the advantages of choosing to buy a kit definitely outweigh those of hiring someone.

Not only do you have more control over the finished product and its design, but kits are also usually cheaper than regular pergolas. As long as you are aware of what you're getting into and take your time in measuring everything correctly, building your own Pergola with a kit can be an enjoyable project that will last for years to come.

However, if you are not bothered about cost then there are many benefits pointing to buying a ready made Pergola!



Is it better to buy a Pergola or buy a Pergola kit?

12 Jan 2023
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