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The best roof for a Pergola is based on what you want to get from your Pergola. Pergolas, by definition, do not have a roof. However, in this rapidly changing world, pergola roofs are becoming a thing. Therefore, you may be extremely confused about the very slight differences between what a Pergola is, what the difference between Pergolas and Gazebos are and how long a piece of string is. If you are looking for a Pergola but are completely overwhelmed by the multitude of variations that they come in, including what kind of roof to get with your Pergola, then read on and find out what Pergola roofs may be beneficial to your circumstances! To roof or not to roof? Let's find out.

A Pergola roof wrapped with vines and twigs in an enchanted garden.

What is a Pergola?

A pergola is just like a gazebo, but usually has a gapped roof. People tend to use Pergolas to cover an area in their gardens, such as a seating area or a cooking area. A benefit of a Pergola is that it doesn't completely shade the area. Light can still shine through during the day and you can still see the stars through it at night. Well, that depends on the roof you choose for your Pergola. Pergola roof types are endless and have many different purposes. So, if you're thinking of buying a Pergola for your garden, what roof should you get? Yes, we are approaching winter - that does not matter! Having your morning coffee whilst wrapped up in a snuggly dressing gown and breathing in the crisp air whilst listening to the bird's chirp, is somehow good for the soul. Stop beating around the bush and purchase that outdoor sanctuary you've been yearning for some time now. Now let's talk Pergola roofs!

What is the best roof for your Pergola?

There are many, many, Pergola roofs out there. Most Pergolas are chosen and purchased for their aesthetics. However, we encourage you to opt for practicality as well. You need to be sensible sometimes, right? We are going to elaborate on a few of our favourites and hopefully give you some Pergola roof inspo’ for your outdoor spaces!

Static Pergola roofs

Choose a static roof for your Pergola if you don't want the hassle of making adjustments every now and then. If you want an eco-friendly and aesthetically pleasing roof for your Pergola, consider bamboo. You could also put up a metal, plastic, or glass static roof, or a strong waterproof canvas one. A lattice roof, like that of a pergola, is visually interesting and can provide both airiness and style. The open framework of a lattice roof also allows for some filtered sunlight to pass through, making it a perfect choice for a sunroom or porch. The light that is let in is not too harsh, and it creates a warm and inviting atmosphere!

Solid Pergola roofs

A solid roof on a pergola is typically installed to provide shade in a garden. With the addition of a table and chairs, your pergola can transform from a sun-blasted eyesore into a cool, shady spot for outdoor meals. To a similar extent, patio furniture ideas can help you carve out a secluded spot to enjoy some quiet time alone with a book or glass of wine. A solid roofed Pergola can also be beneficial due to the fact that it can help to create a more intimate setting for a small gathering of friends and, of course, keep the rain out on those rainy days!

Fabric Pergola roofs

Fabric is an alternative to retractable pergola roofing. Strapping the material over the rafters and pulling it taut is the method used for this style of roofing. Fabric protects you from sunny and rainy weather, but only if you use a water-resistant material. The regular fabric would only add to the aesthetic value, but it wouldn't hold up over time. So think long and hard about what type of fabric you will use for your pergola. Remember, practicality is important too!

Retractable Pergola roofs

This one is our favourite, due to the convenience factor that this option holds! Besides the standard options of an awning or pergola roof panels, a retractable roof pergola is another option to consider when designing your outdoor sanctuary. One option is a retractable roof, which provides additional shelter from the elements. You can please your guests by allowing them to adjust the lighting, increase cooling shade, or open up the space with the use of a remote control. With a retractable roof, you can open up your pergola to the sun, breeze, and light rain while minimising the amount of shade that is present. Fabric, metal, and other materials are all options for stylish retractable pergola roofs.

Living Pergola roofs

How about a living roof? A pergola is the most straightforward means of realising the romantic ideal of lounging with a glass of wine under a shower of colourful flowers on a warm summer afternoon. Pergola roofs are typically open on top and feature thick beams spaced at regular intervals. Crawling vines and other plants can be used to fill in the spaces and block the sun if you're going for a more rustic look. Fast-growing flowering vines can be trained on the supports and draped over the pergola roof for added protection and aesthetic appeal. So, if you're happy to keep the plants and vines living and healthy, then this could be the perfect option for enchanting your Pergola.

Louvred Pergola roofs

A louvred pergola roof is a great way to maintain a carefree and low-maintenance outdoor space. Louvred roofs are common because they are watertight and allow rain to simply slide off. If you want to be able to control how much light, heat, or rain enters your home, this ingenious roof is for you. A pergola with a louvred roof that can be rotated to control the amount of sun or shade is a great choice. When the mood strikes, simply change the position of the roof to let in more natural light, get a glimpse of the sky, or shield yourself from the elements.

A 'do-it-yourself' Pergola roof

If you purchase a roofless Pergola, or you already own a roofless Pergola and you would really enjoy having some shelter every now and then, then you can use your imagination and create your own Pergola roof! Retractable roofs can be costly. Therefore, doing it yourself could be beneficial cost-wise. Using a big piece of fabric to create drapes and a roof could be a go-to! Purchasing a waterproof material would be more practical! This way, you can choose exactly what your Pergola is going to look like. The sky is the limit!

Pergolas are a great addition to any home. They provide shade and protection from the elements, while also adding to the aesthetic value of your outdoor space. There are many different types of pergola roofs to choose from, so it's important to know what your needs are before making a decision.

Retractable roofs are a great option if you want the ability to control the amount of sun or shade in your pergola. Living roofs are a more natural option and can add to the overall aesthetic of your space. Louvred roofs are a great choice for low-maintenance outdoor spaces. If you're looking for a more budget-friendly option, you can always create your own pergola roof. No matter what your needs are, there is a pergola roof that's right for you.

A beautiful Pergola roof, decorated with colourful flowers.



What is the best roof for a Pergola?

13 Oct 2022
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